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Shared Fields Development Plan Manager


Ahmad Rasti

TEL: 22664315

FAX: 2266 4169

Email: arasti@iooc.co.ir


Shared Fields Development Plan Management

The most important activities of Shared Fields Development Plan management are including:

Editing necessary strategies and policies for projects and shared field development plans, taking decrees, pursuing plans execution and overseeing them.

  • Planning for exploration, development and production from shared fields according to enormous and enactment plans.
  • Interactions development with Persian Gulf neighborhood countries in line with partnership instead of competition in development and production from shared fields.
  • Editing required special instructions and taking required justifications for developing positive interactions with Persian Gulf neighborhood countries and taking special justifications for production and development acceleration from shared fields.
  • Having positive and regular interactions with high effectiveness with related organizations in Iran national oil company, oil ministry and other institutions and governmental organizations and also foreign companies.
  • Special Affairs management of boundary matters especially delimiting, national privileges and using them in line with maximum fulfillment of national benefits.
  • Preparing and editing necessary offers about development and exploitation conditions from shared fields.
  • Straggle for creation and joint management of storages with joint technical comity (JTC) formation from the parties.
  • Superintending shared master development plan (MDP) editing and preparation in Persian Gulf for oil and gas storages management through researching and technical evaluating.