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Lightest Crude in Iran Oil Basket

Lightest Crude in Iran Oil Basket

Before starting extraction from Hengam oil field, Iran’s oil basket contained six categories of oil whose API gravity varied from 18 to 5.36 degrees. But the API gravity of oil produced from Hengam is 51 degrees. The average price of Iran’s oil exports increased after the country started delivering light oil produced from Hengam, which is shared with Oman.

Currently, light crude oil with API gravity of 62.5 degrees is being extracted from well number seven of this field. It has the highest quality in the world and no other country is producing such crude oil.

Heydar Yar-Veisi, director of Qeshm district in the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), said crude oil production from Hengam field officially started in 2010.

Over the past five years, more than 35 million barrels of crude oil has been extracted from this joint field located near the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf waters,” he said.

Describing the main advantages of crude oil extracted from Hengam, Yar-Veisi said: “According to newly conducted studies, the quality of crude oil produced from this joint field has increased to API=51. Therefore, the crude oil produced from this field is the lightest among all oil fields in the Persian Gulf region and even the world.”

He said that following new drillings, even white crude oil is being extracted from one of Hengam field’s wells.

 Unlike the dark color of crude oil from other fields, the oil produced from Hengam field is white or green,” said Yar-Veisi.

Noting that Iran’s Persian Gulf oil basket currently contains six categories of crude oil whose API gravity varies from 18 to 36.5, he added: “But Hengam field’s oil with API gravity of 51 degrees is light oil of the highest quality in Iran, Persian Gulf and offshore zones.”

The official said the oil produced from Hengam oil field is carried from platform to refinery and separation installations in the Qeshm island via a subsea pipeline, which is 30 kilometers offshore and 26 kilometers onshore.

Moreover, the oil produced from this field is transferred from Qeshm island to Bandar Abbas oil refinery through a 75-kilometer-long pipeline after undergoing separation and preliminary processing,” Yar-Veisi said.

He also said that high-grade middle distillate products like gasoline and gasoil are being produced from the crude oil extracted from Hengam field.

He said that Hengam field is estimated to contain 219 million barrels of recoverable oil and 28.7 tcf of associated gas.

Yar-Veisi said another important property of Hengam field’s crude oil was the low volume of water content of oil.

The facilities installed in Qeshm Island for recovery from Hengam field can handle 45,000 b/d. Plans are under way for bringing the capacity of processing and separation in the field to 180 mcf of associated gas a day.

Date :2016/5/23 Time :11:21