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Legal & Contracts Affairs Director

Alireza Alikhani


TEL: 22664406

FAX: 22664405

E-MAIL: a.alikhani@iooc.co.ir


The most important activities of legal affairs are including:

  • Directing and pursuing the quarrels and complains in favor or against the company in judicial, security, supervising and administrative applicant.
  • Managing IOOC land acquisition affairs through buying required properties and also presidential commission documentation of immovable property.
  • Providing legal advice to IOOC internal units about laws and regulations which are related to oil industry.
  • Staff legal assistance about quarrels and complains of duty.
  • Legal comments about draft tender documents and also signed contracts by IOOC Company.
  • Join the magistrates commission staff to handle administrative violations and commission responsible for lost or damaged property diagnosis.
  • Join and attend various specialized commissions including tenders commission.
  • Participation in the negotiation process of IOOC internal and external contracts to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Following the decisions of the general assembly to participate in the company’s registration office for inclusion in the official gazette.