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Technical Investigation Director

Heydar Ghafarpour


TEL: 22664276

FAX: 22664273

EMAIL: h.ghafarpour@iooc.co.ir


The most important activities of technical investigation are including:

  •  Performing required investigations from oil and gas processing facilities in operational districts and offshore platforms and also under water existing facilities which are including all the equipments in the operational districts such as pressure vessels, processing pipelines, export crude oil storages, under water pipelines, offshore platforms under water structures and … based on international up to date methods and theories and comply with national and international standards inspection and monitoring of quality control operations in every project to ensure technical specifications, maps, inspection program (ITP), … performing assembly operations, welding, non-destructive testing, inspection and material controlling hydrostatic testing and … based on project confirmed instructions.
  • Inspection of engineering materials and projects required goods and also existing exploitation equipments in IOOC such as pipe, sheet, connections and fittings, welding electrodes and welding consumable materials and in general all required materials for construction, installation and maintenance of onshore utilities and sea …
  • The export of certification of continued operation of the facilities especially after substantial repairs and renovations.