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Systems Engineering and Productivity Director

 Peyman Sobhi


TEL: 22664291

FAX: 22664289

EMAIL: p.sobhi@iooc.co.ir


The most importantactivities of systems engineering and productivity are including:


  • IOOC missionsand goals achievement through designing organizations and systems and also upto date and appropriate methods.
  • Organizationdeveloping, placement of relations between organizations in horizontal andvertical surfaces and codification or reviewing the authorities which areappropriate with point of views, need and environmental changes with anefficient approach and agile manufacturing and also delegation of authoritywith the purpose of shortening the route decisions.
  • Determininggeneral principles for tasks classification in terms of sovereign duties andpolicies-tasks assigned to the persistent and recurrent-administrative andsupervisory duties-policy and control functions and value creation.
  • Participation inthe formulation and planning duties outlined and responsibilities ormodification and coordinating it based on changes in the organizationalstructure in order to facilitate relations and accountability in theadministrative hierarchy.
  • Collaboration insetting and codification the minimum requirements of an approved organizationaloccupations in order to provide a platform to attract, selection and developmentof human resources.
  • Initialassessment and determine the rank positions and presentation to the commissionon classification and evaluation coordinator jobs in oil industry.
  • Designing andexpression of improvement projects with using standard models and assessmentmodels for upgrading to achieving total quality and organizational efficiency.