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Contracts Affairs Director

Salman khosravi

TEL: 22664233

FAX: 22664234

EMAIL: s.khosravi@iooc.co.ir



The most importantactivities of contracts affairs are including:


  • Signing kinds ofrequired contracts resulting from performed tenders such as finance contractsof projects, technical andconstruction, studies and researches, designing andengineering, services and operations.
  • Holding internal andexternal tenders for out sourcing part of required works of IOOC and performingcontract negotiations to achieving the results which are based on delegatedauthorities.
  • Opining about signedcontracts texts considering the statements which are complied with the legalaffairs.
  • Opining aboutliberalization commitments in financial affairs guarantees.
  • Sending copies ofsigned contracts to the winning contractor, financing affairs management andapplicant management or unit for execution.