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Research and Technology Director


Javad Rostami

TEL: 22664361

FAX: 22664360

EMAIL: j.rostami@iooc.co.ir


The most important activities of research and technology unit are including:

  • Policy-making and codifying strategic plans for creating IT infrastructure and innovations in IOOC.
  • Structuring and creating partnership model and technology development in the context of global and local partnerships in order to make maximum use of created poor academic and experienced technology power.
  • Establishment of research and technology system in Iran offshore oil company in order to progressing it from operation-based to knowledge-based which is based on structured cooperation of research and technology centers with the technical and operational body of IOOC.
  • Executive planning for application and development of new technology in form of researching projects which are appropriate with challenges and IOOC operational requires.
  • Definition, codification and execution of researching applied projects with the aim of increasing the coefficient increasing of storages removal.
  • Maintenance of technical experts and guidelines for the use of scientific knowledge.
  • Supporting graduate thesis, publishing books and articles and effective-participation in scientific communities.
  • Comprehensive effort using collective wisdom in order to fulfill the aspirations of the software and gaining rightful place of science technology.