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Public Relations Director


Bahram Narimanian

TEL: 22664402

FAX: 23942725

EMAIL: b.narimanian@iooc.co.ir

The overall goal and the main responsibility of IOOC public relations is to providing accurateinformation and supplying audiences needs.

Information science,public awareness, influence on public opinion, creating audiences trust andanswering them and also two-way communicating are the main goals of publicrelations.


In this regard, public relations has centralized it's activities in some different fields which areincluding:


  • Creating and expandingexternal communications with organizations and different governmental andprivate establishments in order to acquaint them with IOOC.
  • Creating and expandingcommunications, external and internal awareness by variable means andtechniques of public relations such as documentation, leaf lets and catalogs,electronic communications and ... in a way that audiences would be aware oflatest developments and progresses and also would be able to follow them.
  • Holding conferences,exhibitions and special ceremonies for national and religious events in everyyear.
  • Researching and opinionpolling in theoretical frameworks, introduction to research methods andscientific and extended conclusions which are necessary for a scientificactivity in IOOC in order to surveying and being aware of internal and externalaudiences.